I’ve been fascinated with marketing and Advertising, as long as I can remember.

I remember walking around, as a kid, with a tape recorder, making make up commercials for made up companies.

I can still remember that old Panasonic tape recorder, just like the one below… and the fun we had together!

I remember watching TV commercials, and thinking… “the commercial would have been better if they would have done this or that instead.”

I didn’t realize at that young age that I would end up making my living in Advertising and Marketing, but as I mentioned earlier…

I often Thank God for blessing me with
the ability to be creative
and for the opportunity
for that creativity to
help OTHERS grow their businesses.

When you give me the green light to help your business, you will be in good and competent hands.

I’ve helped MANY over the years,
and I look forward to adding YOU
to my list of VERY satisfied clients!

Who are these companies?
As mentioned earlier, they range from Giant International companies, to many instantly recognizable companies… all the way down to 1 man Pizza shop owners.

I am a “Hands On” guy…
a guy who prefers FACE TO FACE
as opposed to electronic media.
I want to get in front of you.

When I do… I will gladly share with you some of my success stories and provide you the opportunity right then and there at our meeting… to see and know what I’ve done, and for whom.

I’ve been told I’m very personable and approachable.

For that reason and others, I feel VERY confident that we will have a great meeting, and you will realize that you and your business are in very capable hands.