Welcome To The Chicken Scratch Page!

I’m sure you are wondering
what the heck
a Chicken Scratch page
would consist of?

Well… basically…
this page will give you a small glimpse in to
my personal life.

Even though I wear nice suits and ties
and hob-nob with Corporate America
Monday through Friday, you may get the impression that I am a
“City Slicker” based upon the way I dress.


Give me a pair of ripped jeans…
a comfortable flannel shirt and get me
as FAR AWAY from the city as possible when I’m not working.

I’m an AVID outdoorsman and
I LOVE Trout fishing and anything outdoors.

And…as you know by now…I LOVE the Mountains…as they are a major source for my daily motivation ! Thus…Mountain Motivated Marketing!

Here are some of the photos you may have seen on other pages…along with some additional ones. I decided to make these photos clickable so that you could enlarge them. Then…perhaps you can better understand why the Mountains motivate and inspire me as they do.

Click on these for a larger version so that you can see the beauty that I Thank God for EVERY Day !


I am also your basic, Red Blooded American Male Sports Nut! I once was a Boxer, a Champion Arm Wrestler, and an AVID Mixed Martial Arts fan, both as a participant and viewer. Even after hitting 60 years of age… I still love to keep in shape and will at times challenge
some young studly looking guy to a Push-Up contest !

(I haven’t lost yet!)

I’m a father, an adventurer, and I LOVE a good challenge!
I cherish any moment I can be around special needs children or adults.
Autism is especially near and dear to my heart.

Are you up for a life changing event ? Go start hanging out with someone who is Autistic ! It IS life changing ! And you will enrich 2 lives…THEIRS AND YOURS !

I love to entertain and I am a music FANATIC!
I’ve played guitar since I was 6 years old, have played in bands and have helped musicians get “discovered”. Love ALL types of music and love to “get lost” in some great music after a long day!

Another Passion ?
Penn State Football !

In addition to the Rocky Mountains…STATE COLLEGE is one of favorite places to be on game day !

I am in the process of putting
NEW info on this page
which will be different from
what has been on this page
for the last 10 years.

I’ll have lots of interesting opinions
and photos and videos.
…and it will be entertaining!

For those of you who may be wondering why I don’t post that type of info on Social Media

…I don’t do Social Media. NOT a fan.

I have been telling people for YEARS how dangerous and addictive social media is,

and many people I’ve said this to, have looked at me and told me I’m “out of touch”.

This includes RELATIVES of mine !  

Here’s a couple of my thoughts. Social media IS addictive,

and if you are one of those people who spends hours and hours on it,

and if it is the last thing you do before you go to bed and

the first thing you do when you wake up,

you may want to READ the statistics and the dangers.

If you LOVE social media and don’t want to read this short rant…

I ask that you please do…it’s only a few short sentences…

and then there’s MORE non social media rant info below that you may enjoy ! 

Here’s what I don’t understand. As an example, a woman will be making breakfast for her family.

Let’s say she’s making pancakes.

While messin’ with the pancake batter, she drops some of the batter on the floor.

As she goes to wipe it up and looks at it, she concludes that the batter has the shape of Abraham Lincoln’s head.

OMG she shouts !

And she nearly CONVULSES as she FORGETS about the family waiting for breakfast because she MUST…MUST post this on her facebook or one of the “other” many social media platforms she is addicted to.

And…she takes the time to take a photo of Pancake Abe...

takes the time to post it…and if that’s not bad enough,

she stands there for the next 30 minutes as she watches while

794 OTHER like minded people actually take the time to “LIKE” it and comment on it !! 

And the next thing you know she’s watching social media videos of squirrels water skiing,

as her family one at a time falls off their chairs onto the floor as a result of starvation ! 

I actually know a woman…I KNOW this woman…

and every day she BEGS strangers to “follow” her on social media because she wants to surpass 10,000 “friends”.

Folks…this is SO sad in my opinion, and I know I’m not alone.

You’d be MUCH better off with 1…ONE TRUE friend…

a friend that would give you his or her kidney to save your life, as opposed to the example I just mentioned.

WHY…WHY do people feel the need to SHARE their daily life with everyone else ?

And, as we all know, people only post the GOOD stuff.

The POSITIVE stuff ! You rarely see the ” My husband is banging his secretary ” post.

Or…I think my wife has herpes because she has this disgusting rash down there.”

People post the PERFECT pics and the perfect posts of the perfect vacation and the perfect family and the perfect everything…

when we ALL know…everything is NOT always perfect. Younger teens often HATE their life because all they see and read on Social Media,

much of it FAR from reality, makes them think THEIR life is so AWFUL,

that they become horribly depressed or worse, take their own life !

Same thing happens to adults. Folks…please…

PLEASE worry about your OWN life and your OWN family as opposed to being obsessed with what everyone ELSE is doing in their “perfect” life.

Ok…I’m done. Thanks for reading this far !

Therefore…if you want to see pics and posts related to ME,

you’ll have to come to THIS page because at this point in my life,

I have no plans to become addicted to Social Media and waste

VALUABLE life moments worrying about what everyone else is doing.

And MY life isn’t perfect either.

But I do thank God EVERY day for the life He has blessed me with, and this page will from time to time showcase “some” of my life.

And, if I ever DO actually contract Herpes, you WILL know and it won’t be because of Social Media.

It will mean that my wife must have cheated on me, and if that was the case,

you’d hear about it on the news because my response would be NEWS WORTHY !



I hope to have this page completed shortly!

Stay Tuned!

For now though… since I mentioned Trout Fishing
a few times on this site…
here are a couple of videos below this text
you are reading,
that take me back
to some memorable moments.

The first one… well… let’s just say,
this is one of those…

“The one that got away” stories

…which people don’t often believe.

Thankfully… there was a VIDEO camera
there on that gorgeous day
in Northern Pennsylvania.

I had known that this
FANTASTIC Trout was in this area
I very slowly
…from about 75 yards upstream
…quietly and in a stalking manner…
walked down the middle of the stream
until I was close enough to where
this monster trout was feeding.

Once I felt I could make the proper cast… I did…

Make sure your speakers are on.

Watch the rod tip bend
…and you can actually hear the line being pulled out of my reel!

The second one
…is another moment from
the same stream
…a few years earlier
…about 150 yards away.
I had recently battled a very nice trout
…and it got off.
There was lots of commotion as I fought the fish,
and once the battle was over
…I decided to move further down stream
where the fish wouldn’t
be so startled.

Once I did… KAPOW

…and I had another BEAUTIFUL trout on my line.

By the time the video started
…I had already been fighting this fish for a while
and it was finally getting tired and
was ready to submit. Or so I thought.


As is obvious by my reaction.

Thank You God

…for creating the beautiful mountains and outdoors

which I enjoy SO much!