“Who are you”… is not only a great, well known song by “The Who”… but it’s also a great question to ask yourself about your business and your

Does your advertising really stand out?

Does it define who you are? Has it made you easily recognizable?

Think about this: Let’s say I was on any street corner in Downtown USA, and I took 20 random people and put them in a group and asked them the following question…

“Who do you immediately think of if I ask you to name a restaurant who’s food is
“Finger Lickin’ Good” ?

Everyone would say….KFC.

If I asked the same group of people who they immediately think of if I asked them to name which insurance company could save them 15% or more on car insurance… almost all would say Geico.

I could go ON and ON with examples like this… but that’s how IMPORTANT and how REMARKABLE GOOD advertising can be!

Why couldn’t this happen to you?

Well… it can! IF… IF you have the right “Lightbulb” thinker creating your tag line, your IDENTITY or your IMAGE.

There are SO many ways to “get your message out there”. TV… Radio… Billboards… Sponsorships and on and on.

But… if you are truly serious about your business identity and how your prospective paying customers will become COMPELLED to do business with you… you MUST place top priority on your WEBSITE!

Your website is your 24 hour a day AWESOME salesperson!

It can make that PERFECT presentation every time. It won’t show up late or have bad breath or “screw up the presentation”. Your website SETS THE TONE… and when done properly, will START the process of the “curious” prospective client becoming your NEXT SUCCESS STORY!

We live in a time now, that when shoppers are looking for something, they pick up their phone or go to their computer and go to a search engine… type in what they are looking for… and once they see all of the options… guess who wins their business?

The one with the website that THEY can relate to!!!

Not the website that YOU like… but the website that THEY respond to!

This next part is VERY important!!!! You may not like what you are about to read… but… I am VERY PASSIONATE about this:

If you are a business owner who is more comfortable telling me what your website should look like and what the colors should be and what the text should say… well… I’m probably not your guy.

I’m NOT trying to be an idiot when I say this… but… your website should NOT be about YOU and what YOU like… it should be designed with your curious potential PAYING CUSTOMER in mind!

Visitors to a website DON’T think about the same things that business owners think of.

Therefore, I always ask my customers to allow me to do what I KNOW WORKS!

As I stated earlier, I have over 3 DECADES of PROVEN SUCCESS stories under my belt. I just ask that you allow me to do what I know works so that YOU can be MY next success story.

Let’s not butt heads! I’m here to help HELP you!

All you gotta do….is LET ME!

With all of that said… I will want you to place most of your emphasis on a WELL THOUGHT OUT… RESULTS ORIENTED website. A website that works is SO much more than pretty pictures. It needs to SPEAK to the visitor and… COMPEL THEM TO RESPOND!

You can spend $10,000 on your website… but if no one can find it and if visitors don’t respond… and if it’s NOT making you money… it’s not worth even $100.00.

Any young kid with purple hair and a bolt through their nose, can walk out of a trade school with a piece of paper that says “Web Designer”… but that does NOT mean they know SQUAT about effective marketing and advertising strategies!

ANYONE can place “stuff” on a computer screen. You should ONLY allow a person with MARKETING and ADVERTISING SUCCESS… to develop your website.

It’s THAT important!

Young kids with purple hair and bolts through their noses, while it’s not MY way of dressing or expressing myself, can be and in many cases are WONDERFUL humans who contribute much to society ! But if you show up to a website decision meeting with me looking like this and think that your 2 week Web Degree qualifies you to earn the business of the prospective client, well, you have some things to learn and I will be more than happy to assist you. Just sit back and watch.

A BAD website can be worse than NO website at all.

You get 1… ONE chance to grab the attention of the visitor.

You better make sure you get it right, or their money will go into your competitors’ cash register instead of yours.

So… it goes without saying that I am going to place most emphasis on your website. Once you have a great website which does what is intended…

…then you can comfortably move forward with other exciting ventures such as TV and radio. And, when doing TV and radio and other forms of advertising, those methods should focus on

driving people TO YOUR WEBSITE!

I don’t want you to put the cart before the horse.

Make sure your website is found on the search engines and does the intended job… THEN we’ll send visitors TO the site.

As far as TV and Radio and other forms of advertising… once again… I have 3 DECADES of PROVEN success stories under my belt.

I CAN write the script and produce the TV commercial which WILL generate the phone calls to your business.

I CAN write and produce the radio commercial that WILL compel the listener to RESPOND!

Remember, if you have concluded that advertising doesn’t work simply because you tried it before and it didn’t… YOU DIDN’T HIRE ME to write and create the spots!

Just because you hand a man a baseball bat, does not mean he can consistently hit the ball. He must possess the TALENT in order to succeed.

You can place a woman or a man in a restaurant kitchen full of ingredients, but that doesn’t mean they know how to cook succulent dishes.

They must possess the TALENT and KNOW HOW!

There are TONS of people out there who went to college and got a degree in marketing and or advertising. But that does NOT mean they have the natural talent to write GREAT copy ! They may have READ and remembered what makes advertising and marketing work, but may not have that natural talent to create the most CREATIVE and RESULTS ORIENTED concepts!

I truly thank God OFTEN… for giving me the ability to KNOW what works and for blessing me with “creative juices”!

I’ve been referred to as a “Creative Juice Dispenser”!

Bottom line is this:
You are here at this site… because you are looking for RESULTS! This is NOT the time to hire an unproven… young rookie. I’ve passed 60 years of age… and have been doing this successfully for over 30 years!

I’ve worked with HUGE national and International companies. I’ve worked with SO many instantly recognizable names in different parts of the country.

Let’s work together on what I call the 4 C’s approach.

Once we meet and we get on the same page…

I will come up with the CONCEPT that will work best for you. The CONCEPT will be the idea that puts the rest into motion.

Once I have the concept,
and the IMAGE!

Your new identity will COME TO LIFE!

I will then COMPLETE the work that will allow you to make $$ for years to come… and then… the last of the 4 C’s…


The SOUND of the REVENUE running into your CASH REGISTER and your bank account!


I know… you are sitting there thinking to yourself… “Rob makes it sound so easy… but it’s not.”

Well… IT IS!

And… I’ve been silencing the skeptics for over 30 years!

And… it is SO RIDICULOUSLY EASY for you to learn first hand… just how easy I can make the entire process.

Oh… this might also interest you.
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With me… you’ll get SO MUCH MORE…
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I’m one of those “In PERSON” guys…
and all I want to do is MEET you!

Once we meet… I feel very confident that you’ll like me… respect me and my work… and I’m confident that you’ll feel VERY comfortable with me.

It all starts with an email.

After you check out the rest of the site…
shoot me an email…
let me know that you are ready for one of those
LIGHT BULB moments
and LIGHT THE WAY to a brighter future…
and shortly…
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Wanna see the light?

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